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Dog Walking  ...  Cat Sitting
established 2011

Services & Rates

NJDogFather primary services are designed primarily for dogs and cats.  Walking dogs and essentially providing food & water to cats.  However, I can provide services to other pets and have.  

Lets discuss your needs to see if NJDogFather is a solution for you.

My basic charges are:

  • $25 per 25 minute walk. 
  • $15 per potty break.
  • $30 for Day Care with flex hours (all vet. shots required)
  • $75. for overnight stays. Your dog must be potty trained & sleep in a crate at night and must be up-to-date with all vet. shots.
  • $50. for a 45 minute play time visit to the Essex County South Mountain Dog Park which is located off of South Orange Avenue at Crest Drive in South Orange.  The critical requirements of the Park are that dogs must be NJ licensed and up-to-date with their veterinarian shots. This hour is available only on weekends and only to my current clients and should be scheduled prior to the weekend requested.
  • 1-2 cats: $20 per visit to provide water, feed & to clean their litter box.
Other critters:
  • $15 to visit & feed Guinea Pigs & fish any other critters! 
Special (lower) rates:
In the Chatham Glen area of Chatham Twp. (where I live), I can offer lower prices because I really don't need my car:
  • Dogs: $15 per 25 minute walk.
  • Dogs: $10 per potty break
  • Cats: 1-3: $15 per visit to provide water, feed & to clean their litter box.
Pet taxi:
I have  a 'No Charge' pet taxi service just for my clients, Monday thru Friday and at times over the weekend.   Basically it's To/From your local groomer or your Vet.  

This is only available if I can work the "pickup" &/or "delivery" into my schedule.  And, you know, I will try very hard to accommodate your schedule!

Cancellation Policy: 
If you need to cancel --- there is never a hassle nor special charge.  Cancel when you want to and change your mind when you want to.  Again, at no charge, whatsoever. Even if I show up at your door and you need to cancel!

There is never a surcharge for holidays nor weekends. 

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