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established 2011

New Clients - This is what I provide
NJDogFather services are available for all types of pets but usually dogs, cats and others such as guinea pigs & fish.

Dogs can be provided with a quick potty break or a full 30 minute walk.  Longer walks are unusual but can easily be provided.

For cats, I provide a visit for water, feed and a litter cleaning with no detail ever overlooked.  

Dog walking notes or, Phone Text:
I will give you a 3x5 notebook which I will use on a daily basis.  It's yours to read and to communicate with me.  I will date each journal entry and tell you basically what happened on our walk.  

Or, if it's your preference, I can Text you once the walk or potty break is over. Or, .... if you are a feline owner, I can Text you just to say I was at your home and did the chores agreed upon.  It's all about your level of comfort. 

I will maintain the name, address & telephone number of your vet in my smartphone. If your dog has an accident or gets sick while I am walking it, I will call you immediately and if necessary will head to your vet with your permission.  If I think a vet visit is necessary and cannot reach you, I will go there immediately.

I can administer your pet's medication according to your instructions at no charge, ever. If your dog requires a shot (i.e. insulin), I am able to administer it.  I will not give a cat a shot!  That's asking for trouble.

I will ask you to give me 1 key.  And, I will have it duplicated.   One is for use during my walks and the other will be my backup.   If you have a garage door code, it may be a preferable entry for me especially with inclement weather.  I will still need a key just in case the electrical power is out.

I send an email invoice to each of my clients at the beginning of each month detailing the services which I provided the previous month.  Usually, I find a check made out to NJDogFather on the kitchen counter sometime during the following week.

Payment is also available through your PayPal account.  We need to set this up together.  Basically, I need your PayPal email address which can be different than your regular email address.  Mine is.

On those wet days, your dog will be towel dried.  And, with a fresh towel straight from the dryer.  I have never used the same towel for 2 dogs.

I do believe a contract is UN-necessary for my services.  When and if you wish to discontinue my services, that's your choice.

So, if you are interested:
If you are interested in talking ... please use my Contact Form in the Contact Me section for your initial communications with me regarding the possibility of becoming a client of mine.  

The first step is agreeing to a time for me to meet both you and your pet at your home. There is no charge for this meeting, of course.  

Compatibility between the 3 of us is my only goal.  If we have that compatibility, everything beyond that will easily fall into place.  Our primary discussion points will be your needs as they relate to your pet.

With cats, compatibility is almost a non issue.  But with dogs, it's everything.  Your dog & I must hit it off almost instantly.  Again, if this happens, it's downhill from this point!

Weekend scheduling for dog walking is only available on an "ad hoc" basis. 

Last but very important... I can provide referrals from any of my clients.


        NJDogFather is fully insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.


Open Time


My day for dog walks is currently at 100% capacity.

I can always fit a cat into my schedule especially if they can be done very early or late in the afternoon or even early evening. 

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