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established 2011

About Me

NJDogFather was started at the beginning of 2011 after having spent a career at 2 very large corporations running parts of their IT groups.  

As many things in life happen, my dog walking career happened quite by accident.
Certainly not by design.  

Working for Fetch Pet Care, a national company with a new franchise located in Chatham, I started with one dog and ended with many as that franchise, after a year with them, unfortunately, went out of business.  

Soon afterwards, I started NJDogFather and that morphed into many dogs AND cats, some guinea pigs and a few fish!   

Now, I have the opportunity to walk a minimum of 6 dogs per day and occasionally provide "food & drink" to a number of my clients' cats.

My name is Frank Buchanan and I have lived in Chatham Twp. (Chatham Glen section) since 2002.   Pam and I have 12 grand children.  I have 6 and she has 6!  And, we have an adorable dog named Sophie.

I am most proud that NJDogFather has a client retention of 100%.

If you are interested in becoming a client (!), please use my Contact Form (in the Contact Me section) for your initial communications with us. 

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