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established 2011

Your pet deserves rock star treatment!

NJDogFather will provide the very highest level of care for your pet.   I also provide impeccable honesty to my clients at all times.  This is all about total trust for you and total trust from your pet for me.

When you trust your pet to me, I will treat your pet as if it were a part of my family.  I have built a reputation on providing the highest level of care while maintaining the most flexible services available.

If you have an interest in becoming a client of mine, please use the Contact Form in the Contact Me section for your initial communication with me.  If you need referrals, I can have my clients email you with their opinions, directly.

The photo of the auburn pup on my website is Sophie, our 4 year old 30 lb. Labradoodle / Dachshund.  Pam refers to Sophie as a Dachadoodle!!.  Our vet thinks a Doxie "jumped the fence" to force a three way split in the DNA!  Totally hilarious!

Sophie is the smartest & sweetest dog known to mankind.  I suspect, much like yours.  Of course!

So what is the difference between NJDogFather & other dog walking companies?

The difference is that I am the sole proprietor for NJDogFather and except for vacations and a rare illness, I am the sole dog walker.  That translates into many things depending upon your perspective.

I want my customers and their neighbors to have the highest regard for me and 
NJDogFather.   I truly work very hard each day to maintain that level of quality.  

I've got my dogs and cats convinced because they treat
like a rock star every day!

My current daily "lineup" includes pups from Madison to Chatham Glen to Chatham Twp to Florham Park & Maplewood.  

And, then I have up to 10 pup clients and up to 5 cat clients which I call 'ad hoc' requesting clients.  These are not everyday but when my client needs my services.

Here are just a few of MY rock stars!

This is Molly from Florham Park.

This is Bruce from Chatham Twp.

This is Jazmin from Chatham Twp.

Cody from Maplewood looking at the squirrel which got away!

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